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Wondering What's In The Free Kit?
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If you or a loved-one needs help

to stop Smoking/Vaping

NJ has many free resources and programs to help you quit.



Mom’s Quit Connection for Families (MQCF) is a free, statewide smoking cessation counseling. MQCF helps pregnant women, parents and caregivers of children under the age of eight to quit smoking.


Certified Tobacco Treatment Specialists provide individual smoking cessation counseling either in person or by telephone, depending on client need and location. MQCF offers personalized quit plans, unlimited sessions and clients can utilize the program multiple times to help with relapse prevention.


Self-refer by calling

888-545-5191 or Click here to visit the website with an easy click

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Quit for Kids educates and supports pregnant women, parents and caregivers of children up to 8 years old who want to live a tobacco-free life.


You’ll receive biweekly texts with helpful information and tips on topics like: Steps to Quit Smoking or Vaping, Emotional Support, Trigger, Craving and Stress Management, Coping with Withdrawal and Preventing Relapse, Healthy Eating and Child’s Growth Milestones.


The program also offers real-time support for common problems many experience during their journey to quit.  


You can choose to connect with a Quit Coach by texting the phone number in your welcome message to get personalized support that will help you stay tobacco free. All services are FREE.

Text quitforkids to 53016 and fill out a short form to enroll.

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Open seven days a week! Spanish and English coaches are on-call and interpreters for other languages can be arranged.

The NJ Quitline is a free service to help NJ adults quit using all tobacco products. The NJQL includes a variety of services including a welcome kit, live quit coach sessions, an online portal, support emails, and a chat with a coach feature. The NJQL will send eligible, enrolled clients two free weeks of nicotine replacement patches.

You do not need to quit alone! Click here to visit the website with an easy click to enroll feature and self-help materials.

Call 1-866-NJSTOPS

or 1-866-657-8677 to reach a quit coach.

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